Monday, October 24, 2016

Sorry Deepika Padukone but fans love Salman Khan’s selfie with Katrina Kaif on Bigg Boss more than yours

Katrina Kaif’s selfie with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss is a fan most loved and crushed Deepika Padukone’s selfie with the performing artist by a gigantic edge
Salman Khan is one on-screen character everybody needs to work with. Be it producers or champions, they are prepared to do anything for a Salman film. In any case, there are just such a large number of performing artists that his fans jump at the chance to see him with. They have showered him with a ton of adoration and wealth in last couple of years which made him the undisputed pioneer of the movies. What’s more, a considerable measure of that goes to his science with his co-stars. He has additionally made Bigg Boss a show everybody keeps an eye out for. There are numerous who observe just the weekend scenes since he goes ahead TV. Watching him consistently is a high every devotee of his is upbeat about. Presently he brings selfies with each visitor that comes to Bigg Boss and at the debut of the tenth season last Sunday, he brought one with Deepika Padukone too. That advised us that he had accomplished something comparable with Katrina Kaif in the last season too. So we chose to ask you which one you enjoyed the most and we have an unmistakable champ. No focuses for speculating, it certainly is Katrina Kaif.
Deepika’s selfie with Salman was an adorable one with the woman slouched down to get in an indistinguishable casing from Salman. It was maybe the best snap of the debut night. They looked so great together. It made us long to see them together in a film too. What’s more, we found the selfie truly charming yet you didn’t second that idea in light of the fact that Deepika got only 17 for each penny vote. We were really paralyzed. However, hold up till we let you know how Katrina won this survey. She got 83 for every penny votes! Yes, 83 for each penny! This is a consistent choice. All Salman and Katrina fans simply cherish them together. Be it in their genuine or on screen, they discover them more fascinating than any other individual. Everytime they meet up they cheer.

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